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Dan Rhodes Sydney trashpolka tattoo artist
Dan Rhodes Sydney trashpolka tattoo artist

Dan Rhodes

Dan is a Perth born artist. Growing up in a family of tattoo artists, he went into the family trade carrying a legacy of Australian Tattoo history.

Instead of weekend sport like most kids, dan's childhood was spent in tattoo shops with some of Australia's most influential pioneers. At 16 he was working the counter of Sydney's infamous Sleevemasters Tattoo in Kings Cross and his path was set.

Starting his career in 2010 at Jeff Rhodes Stingers Tattoo, he never wanted to just be the boss's son in the shop. After finishing his apprenticeship, Dan flew to Vancouver, Canada, where we worked at Next! Tattoo and built up a loyal clientele, allowing him to explore a wide variety of styles and techniques. Returning to Sydney in 2018.

Dan has a deep love and respect for the medium and the inspiring designs and ideas from his clients in each and every tattoo. He is now following his own path, and bringing his individual style to his designs, favoring the technical aspects and detailed linework of geometric, dotwork, illustration and trash polka.

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