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Dean Reardon

Dean was born in south west Sydney Australia, and has been tattooing professionally for 10 years.
From as far back as he can remember he was fascinated with his fathers tattoos and that was the first step in finding his passion with tattooing.

Dean had no formal art background or training but was focused on honing his abilities while in the studio. In 2011 he started his career in a private studio run by his mentor, the legendary Greg Ardron ( former owner of Sleeve Masters in Kings Cross mid 80s- early 2000s).

Outside of tattooing Dean is an engineer of all kinds, mainly spending his time researching and building tattoo machines and equipment. He is an enthusiast in restoring/ modifying cars and holds an interest in vintage cars in general.

Deans selected style of tattooing uses realistic imagery and applies a unique stylized approach to create something close to reality yet unique to both the individual and the design. He uses his vast ever growing knowledge of tattooing to ensure the tattoo will be the best it can be now, but also in 20 years time once it has aged and settled with the wearer.

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